6th Grade Band typically does a Winter and Spring concert each year.  They focus on the fundamentals of their instruments as well as developing strong musicianship.  

The 7th Grade Band has the same educational focus and structure as the 6th Grade Band, but perform in the VBODA District Assessment as well as school functions like pep rallies.  

The 8th Grade Band tends to do even more than the 7th grade and starts developing a performing schedule.  This may include traveling performances and a trip at the end of the year.  

The Purple Regiment performs in local parades, football games and competes in local marching competitions.  This ensemble has performed in the James Madison University Parade of Champions as well as in the USBands National Marching Band Circuit.  

Some SKMS students do participate in this ensemble.  They are auditioned in class and must be a rising 8th grade student to join.  See Mr. Szuba for details.

The season typically begins in August with music rehearsals, marching technique rehearsals, and typically a week to two weeks of Band Camp.  The season will then go through about the first weekend in November.  However, there are several parades throughout the year that SHSPR participates in: Apple Blossom Fireman's Parade (April), Mayfest Parade (May), Toms Brook Fireman's Parade (August),  Edinburg Ole Time Festival (September), and Strasburg's Christmas Parade.  

SKMS Bands

HS Percussion Ensemble Students meet during 2nd Block and perform a variety of instruments and ensemble types including:
- Marching Percussion
- Mallet Ensembles
- Drum Set
- Classical and Latin Idiophones and Membranophones
- African Drum Circles

Students write and perform original pieces for the class as well as in concert.  All grade and ability levels are welcome!

6th, 7th and 8th Grade

SHS Concert Band


8th - 12th Grade Concert Band

The SHS Concert Band performs a variety of local performances which include Fall, Winter and Spring Concerts, performances in local churches and community centers, and in local businesses.  
Because of block scheduling limitations, students who cannot enroll in the Fourth Block Concert Band Class (called "Advanced Band I and II" in SHS catalogue) each semester may participate in Morning Band (called "Concert Band" in SHS catalogue) each semester for a half credit.  

The Morning Band rehearses at 7:15 am every day before school.  The morning and block halves of the band combine occasionally on Thursday nights from 5:30 to 8:00 as performances draw near.  

8th Grade students with advanced skill and dedication may be invited to participate in the ensemble.  See Mr. Szuba for details.

In the Spring, a small contingent of the more advanced musicians are asked to join the SHS Symphony Orchestra, which performs chamber music as well as core orchestral repertoire with the Strings Program.  

Competitive "Corps Style" Marching Band

Purple Regiment

Percussion Ensemble