​​Our annual Apple Pie Bake is always the last Friday before Thanksgiving.  Each Apple Pie is $10 and is hand made by the students!  

November 18th - The Bake 
3:30 pm to 2 am

November 19th - PIE PICKUP 
@ SHS Cafeteria 
8 am to 1 pm

Any pie NOT picked up on that date will be resold.  Please buy a pie either here or from a music student near you!


Also offered at the middle and high school levels, this successful program is growing rapidly!

2016 Apple Pies
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Over the years, there have been several percussion ensembles in Strasburg.  Check out the current line up!

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The new SKMS Color Guard is the newest addition to the guard program at Strasburg.  Check it out!


Offered at both SKMS and SHS, there are many ensembles in the Band Program, including percussion groups!

Ensemble and Classroom Programs

In The Classroom

Our music departments offer many classes that students who don't perform in ensembles can participate in!

The School Music Programs in Strasburg, Virginia provide students positive experiences that develop responsibility, integrity and passion not just for music, but for life.

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There are several Choral ensembles at each of Strasburg's schools.  Learn about them here.